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A trip to visit Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob was filled with new adventures each visit. Unfortunately Geary was very young and can only remember some of these vacations. Here we will share some of the places that made a trip to Pennsylvania magical.

I believe our aunt and uncle felt it important to share with us our rich heritage of ancestry from the north. An early trip  in 1984 was to view most of the historical sites of Philadelphia.

 Geary recalls Independence hall and being sort of freaked that we were walking upon the graves of our forefathers to the underwhelming little home of Betsy Ross. We were given a copy of the constitution and told of its importance having had relatives lose life and limb to make that document a reality.
Christ Church

Danielle recalls  the fascination with the Christ Church and Betsy Ross's House. We sat in the pew that belonged to Betsy Ross .

Inside Betsy Ross House

Liberty Bell

   We saw the Liberty Bell  and rang the Texas bell we learned  that each state has their own bell.
Inside the Betsy Ross house they had  large "dolls" dressed as Betsy and her family members.

Early  in 1982 our grandparents,  Alice and Gerhard McGee, joined  us to two little known amusement parks. Great Adventure and Dutch Wonderland and Safari. One of the Biggest memories of that trip was that o the way to great adventure our grandfather's muffler fell off the  car . That led us to the  muffler shop  for a couple of hours  while the car was being worked on.  One we got there we took the safari ride  as our uncle told us stories about the many animals we would encounter.  Our Uncle Bob is big nature enthusiast.

Dutch Wonderland 1984
Dutch Wonderland  is located in Lancaster Pa. As we rode through Amish country we saw horse and buggies  Amish people as Aunt Alice explained to us the different cultures.

We ate lots of Amish food and rode the rides at the park. one was called the space shuttle.   We headed off to the ski lift where our Aunt Alice  had a mishap with her shoes she wore these slide on sandles and as we got on the ride she felt that she would lose them so she had to take them off during the ride.

We later went to Valley Forge, PA, Valley Forge National Historical Park is the site of the third winter encampment of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, taking place from December 19, 1777 to June 19, 1778.

It has been many years and everyone is older.. and slower. We feel that the time we spent walking, gawking, learning and laughing left their impression upon us as young children. We have grown into adults who value where we come from and the importance of honoring and passing these stories on.

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